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Need help?  House of Friendship serves people, who are living on low income and/or in-need, in four ways:

  1. Addiction Treatment for Adults
  2. Community Centre Programs in Priority Neighbourhoods and Summer Camp for Kids
  3. Food Hampers and Appliance Repair for Individuals and Families
  4. Short-term Shelter for Men and Supportive Housing for Single Adults

House of Friendship Inclusion & Diversity

rainbow-flagCompassion, inclusion, justice and dignity are core values at House of Friendship and integral to our mission of service to those in need. We extend the hand of friendship to all; we believe everyone has a seat at the table; we value a society where all have a voice; and we honour the self-respect of each and every person.  Therefore, we recognize and celebrate diversity, those characteristics that make individuals unique such as (but not limited to) national origin, language, age, race, colour, family structure, disability, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic (income) status and gender identity.

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Visit or call 211 any time for more information about your local community services. TTY: 1-888-340-1001