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Campaign driven by vision and values, Emergency Food Hampers centre reopens

It’s early December, and the newly renovated Emergency Food Hamper distribution centre is humming with activity. Stacks of boxed food glide across the floor on hand trucks. Shelving is dismantled and moved. Hampers are packed in various spots. It’s moving day at 807 Guelph St. in Kitchener and like any move, it’s a bit chaotic. […]

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A House Of Friendship For All Nations

Today I am fortunate to share a story from Colin our Maintenance Director. He recently had the following reflections to share about his experience working at House of Friendship: One the coolest and my most favourite parts of my job is the diversity I get to experience serving in my role here. I am very […]

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Link 2 Feed And a Full Year of Food Assistance

“I am going through a transition period losing my job and applying for Second Career for a chance to change the course of my life. I’ve been on EI which will end soon and it’s extremely hard for me to make ends meet, and […] I can’t afford to buy any food, and was wondering where to go […]

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Continuing Conversation About The Working Poor

The following is a repost of a piece that ran yesterday, in the Cambridge times, written by Marjorie, a BSW student on placement at House of Friendship.  It carries on the theme we explored in a fewposts last year and raises some questions that the many people we meet each day struggle with. *** My name […]

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After 30 Years of Food Banking How Are We Doing?

We are rapidly closing in on the 1 year anniversary of adopting Link 2 Feed.  If you recall, we blogged about it last year and some of the implications of using it for the future.  Look forward to a bit of analysis next month as we consider a year worth of data and what insights […]

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