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A House Of Friendship For All Nations

Today I am fortunate to share a story from Colin our Maintenance Director. He recently had the following reflections to share about his experience working at House of Friendship: One the coolest and my most favourite parts of my job is the diversity I get to experience serving in my role here. I am very […]

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Link 2 Feed And a Full Year of Food Assistance

“I am going through a transition period losing my job and applying for Second Career for a chance to change the course of my life. I’ve been on EI which will end soon and it’s extremely hard for me to make ends meet, and […] I can’t afford to buy any food, and was wondering where to go […]

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After 30 Years of Food Banking How Are We Doing?

We are rapidly closing in on the 1 year anniversary of adopting Link 2 Feed.  If you recall, we blogged about it last year and some of the implications of using it for the future.  Look forward to a bit of analysis next month as we consider a year worth of data and what insights […]

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